It's still funny to realize that this year is going to an end, very very soon. But doesn't it always happen for time? Before we step in, we're always waiting for it. Once we get involve, nah sequences are happening around and not long to recognize that we may run out of time.

My mind recalls for what I did in 2017 new year eve. Actually I was cutting out paper and made some butterfly origamis for my new room then. It was my second day, moving in my new rent room, and think it would be nice to have some room decorations. I did not go to nye parties, because I had a plan on the next day's early morning and I didn't want my body and mind got tired first.

I still remember what I wished for 2017. Well, not that I asked for too different thing than ever. Health and happiness. But beside that, I also wished for some exciting trips, new circle of friends, and enough savings.

Beyond what I imagined, it turns out to be a pleasant year tho. And I am very thankful for it.

The big things that are given to me this year, are chances to finally and slowly make my dreams happen. I had always dreamt about seeing places, visiting other part of this world. About learning new things, in different people and cultures. I always love to travel. For these past years, I got chances to visit several cities and towns in Java and Bali. But, this year is different, can make a good use of my passport at last haha.

Realizing my domicile town is near Singapore, I did not waste any chance for travelling abroad. Singapore city itself is quite fascinating and its Changi airport is a good gate to enter another countries. I still remember how happy I was to walk in immigration line, to feel nervous yet exciting whenever the officers checking my passport out. To walk around the airport and harbour, stations and streets. Or simply seeing the crowd moving for different destinations.

My most favourite trip is visiting Tokyo, Japan, in its early autumn weeks, last October. Not only it is the farthest distance from home, but also it is my very first country which I dreamt to see since my childhood. Not to be exaggerating, but it feels like a dream came true, even until this second. For the journey itself, nah I guess I'll leave the story for another day ;)

To have a journey across cities or countries, always leave me amazed. I think it's true that travelling make you speechless yet create you to be a storyteller. Everytime I see other human being wrapped in different culture or language, places located in mountains, beaches or countrysides, there are always such things to be learnt. Realize it or not, it's not just making new photos or check-ins, but also adding new insights to me. About the way of life, how people treat themselves differently than ours, to see what and how the norms affect them. Although only little things, I tried to absorb them. To be honest, it's not always rainbows and sunshines in strolling around, sometimes I found myself disliking some places or habits that I met during my visits. But it's normal as human being, we do have standard for ourselves, right?

Speaking about standard, it always take a lead in like or dislike things, accept or leave it, including relationships. This year is my hardest one because of my status which is no longer as student or in college, equally makes me an adult, not just some adolescence running 'round life.

To live in across city, it's not a big problem at all for me, since I spent almost 4 years of college outside my hometown. But to live as a worker, in multinational company, nah that's new. Employee life, if I can say, is quite distinct than living as student. First of all, we have to create and maintain good relationship with all of our colleagues. Unlike being a student back then, when we can actually dislike our friend and show it for real (haha I miss those good old days). This is what I call as being professional. We certainly cannot  blend personal appraisal and job necessity.

Second, being an employee means we have to live in the middle of wide age range. To make it clear, I hardly found workers as in same age with me in early times, and as the months went by, I saw it harder as my friends moving out. Although I never hate a solitary life, still sometimes I miss college life for its crazy and great friends we had back then.

And ofcourse, being an adult, well, single adult, oftenly becomes an easy snack in the circle to be teased. As much as I feel pissed, sometimes I think it's kind of funny how the community still see being single is a bad thing. Really? I mean, it's not that we already decide it would be for a whole life. But certainly it's better than being in a wrong or forced relationship. Although it's going to be a lie if I say I never lay an eye to such things. At this age, I don't see any kind of reason to make a relationship not to be ended with marriage. When you commit to create one, you sure know the destination right? Don't you dare to be in a relationship because you feel you need to be, comparing your friends' life, which already married or having kids. Show some respects for yourself. It's your life. It's always about what you really need, not just seemingly need. Or you can't just have it in a moment, then hang it dry when you feel bored or tired. It is more than that. It always is. So I think, when you aren't ready to face it, then just don't start it. There's no need to rush when you don't meet the one yet. They say be wise enough to wait for what you deserve.

Not only several events or trips, I did try 2017 to be a fresh and good start for me. After inner fighting and figuring out these past months, even years, alhamdulillah I finally could manage to at least, try to obey one of Islam's law, to cover more skins and hair, to wear hijab. I realized that I am still so far from perfection to clothe myself, but I am and will be trying more. I still remember how it felt to really wear it for the first time. To let go my ego, covering my hair up and wearing more descent clothes. If I ever regret things, certainly it's not one of them.

Despite all of 2017 highlights, its ups and downs, I am forever grateful for this year. For the love from people I care about. For a good health He gives until this second. And for things that I achieved and managed well for myself and surroundings. I may regret few things, I do. But there's always a silver lining in every black clouds, isn't it? Even Allah says verily with the hardships there is relief (Q.S. Al Insyirah:6).

So, what does 2017 mean to you?


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