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[BOOK] If John Grisham's The Last Juror is Adapted as A Movie

As we know, the great novel author in crime and thriller books, John Grisham, always write such an outstanding stories with complex characters, touched by law and court art. Even in his good creations, the plots are often too challenging for movie makers to bring them for people to watch. Some of his books were already aired as movies, although I still don't watch them yet. But I guess it's still hard to adapt such complicated well-writing stories into movies.
So, lately I've been reading some of his crime novels. I read his Theodore Boone's series, almost all of Ford County's stories, The Broker, and The Partner. Well, lately I read his The Last Juror. Although not his brightest one, if I can say, it is still good and unpredictable. His writing that is about resisting racist discrimination and American history that is side by side with game of law like this, cannot be skipped so easily.
The Last Juror told a story of the young Willie Traynor in Ford County, Clant…

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