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Hey guys! Ssup?
The days at the beginning of the year as these, tend to increase vigilance for health. The high rainfall and the spread of germs make us more susceptible to the cold or a fever. So keep your body healthy with eating a nutritious diet and regular exercise (although I rarely do that hahaha)
Naah! Because now’s the rainy season, it feels more comfortable staying in the house right? Just for warming body and freshen up. What do you usually do when you're relaxing at home? Watching tv, cooking, reading a book? I still prefer to read books, like novels and comic books. Especially those that have the fantasy genre, detective, or a young adult novel-style. Lol
Lately I was absorbed in reading an import book that caught my immediate attention in bookstores when I first saw it. FANGIRL, by Rainbow Rowell. Novel that has genre of romance and campus backgrounds, covered with a bright green colour with interesting illustrations (Amy typical style pair of young adults). Has anyone …