[GoT] Drogon's Death Foreshadowing

So guys like everyone else does now, I am a huge Game of Thrones fan. Speaking about the last season (7) which has been a great fanservice though still cool season to watch this summer, there are lots of easter eggs and questions lingering in it. One of those so-called big question is about the grand beasts of Game of Thrones, like dragons and the direwolves. Now I want to recall my short thought and theory of the most famous dragon in this series now, Drogon! This theory was already released in Thrones App which is available on PlayStore (the one you-need-and-must-have-item if you're a true fan!). Let's start it, shall we?

Yo guys! Back to write down other theory, related to last episode. So, this possibility is popped up after I watched Field of Fire scene, but I know that it won't be only me, thinking like this.
So, like we always watch and see that ASOIAF, or in this case, GOT, is full and complicated of foreshadowing and prophecy.
Some characters' habit or fate are oftenly related to their ancestors'. Furthermore, sometimes they reflect other characters' story. Just like the direwolves mirrored the Stark children's story (but it's not my concern in this blog).
Dany's 3 large dragons are also named from her brothers and lover, as her closest family. Drogon for Khal Drogo, Viserion for Viserys, and Rhaegal for Rhaegar. I personally believe that those names are chosen, not only as coincidence, but also play bigger role to each dragon's fate.

Ser Bronn of the Biggest Balls in Westeros

As we know from last episode, Drogon was wounded by Bronn, using Qyburn's Scorpion. This big spear shocked him a bit but it definitely didn't stop him to attack the Lannister(and co) army. This scene reminds me to Khal Drogo's last attack that made him suffered by infected wound, the one that killed him slowly. For this parallel I do believe that Drogon will face the same fate.

The Mighty Khal Drogo

Drogo suffered from infectous battle wound

But, it's not just yet. We knew it from S05E09, the Son's of Harpy's attack in Mereen Fighting Pit, when Drogon got injured by several wounds by the spears. It did not kill him back then. So this new spear(the Scorpion) will be the same. Plus, he's a lot bigger than in season 5.

Drogon's comparison then and now

So, when Cersei and Qyburn catch this news, they will definitely create new weapon to bring down the dragons, or simply improve what they have now. It will be the last one, since the scorpion (with Bronn ofcourse) is proven, can shoot the dragon, almost precisely to its weak points. And I think Qyburn made not only one Scorpion, but several. The one that they bring to Highgarden is only one of the Scorpions. They wouldn't bring it out of Red Keep if it's the only one, plus they expected to meet dragons in King's Landing more likely.

Oberyn the Red Viper of Dorne

So Cersei will order Qyburn to make it poisoned. Since she's "inspired" by the dornish lately (haha), unconciously she will be reminded to Oberyn's spear, which is layered by deadly poison. Qyburn (that can imitate or pattern poison as good as Cersei said to Ellaria), will finish it easily, since he has Oberyn's poison sample from the Mountain wound.

And this new scorpion will be used to attack Drogon when he sack KL or maybe in a battle somewhere else. And Drogon finally can be killed but slowly, with an infected wound, just like Drogo was.

The Death of Meraxes, Drogon(?)'s Ancestor

Well, it's just a theory! Let me know your oppinions, guys.


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