[BOOK] If John Grisham's The Last Juror is Adapted as A Movie

As we know, the great novel author in crime and thriller books, John Grisham, always write such an outstanding stories with complex characters, touched by law and court art. Even in his good creations, the plots are often too challenging for movie makers to bring them for people to watch. Some of his books were already aired as movies, although I still don't watch them yet. But I guess it's still hard to adapt such complicated well-writing stories into movies.

So, lately I've been reading some of his crime novels. I read his Theodore Boone's series, almost all of Ford County's stories, The Broker, and The Partner. Well, lately I read his The Last Juror. Although not his brightest one, if I can say, it is still good and unpredictable. His writing that is about resisting racist discrimination and American history that is side by side with game of law like this, cannot be skipped so easily.

The Last Juror told a story of the young Willie Traynor in Ford County, Clanton. His career as a journalist increased as his ownership for local weekly newspaper, The Ford County Times. Although showed as a dropped-out student and northern born, he never mind that and having high motivation to be a clean journalist and bring out the truth and fair law. After few times having his own little company, he faced a shocking criminal case for a beautiful young widow, Rhoda Kasellaw murder, killed by a young man from a local mafia clan, Danny Padgitt. And from there, his adventure began.

So, since The Last Juror is never adapted as a movie, well at least until now, I find it interesting to cast actors and actress to play out the characters. Just for fun haha. Here is the list :

1). Dylan O'Brien as Willie Traynor, the main protagonist and leading character here, as Times redacture. O'Brien is as young as Traynor, and I can see Traynor's little spark in O'Brien's face. He also could be very messy but handsome at the same time! 


2). Octavia Spencer as Callie Ruffin, a black woman in her late middle aged with 8 children. She's a religious and lovely person. She's befriend with Traynor and became one of the jury for the case. Well, although Spencer's not as old as Miss Callia, she's decribed as much as Miss Callia and for her motherness aura so I vote for her!

3). Robert Downey Jr. as Harry Rex Vonner, a messy and wild middle aged lawyer that befriend with Traynor, he helped him with various legal and moral issues throughout the novel. Robert can bring it out good I think, Harry Rex is a fun but wild lawyer and I guess everyone's favorite Iron Man can pack things like that right?

4). Benicio Del Toro as Baggy Suggs, an alcoholic reporter for Times that's always around with gossips. Benicio has the face and he's a good actor to play any character.

5). James Franco as Wiley Meek, a brave photographer for Times and same as Baggy, Wiley's oftenly looked together with Traynor for hunting the truth behind the case. Again, Franco has the face and spirit of rebel!

6). Colton Haynes as Danny Padgitt, a member of the notorious Padgitt family. He raped and murdered Rhoda Kassellaw but is given parole after only nine years in prison. Danny is only few years older than Traynor, but his young age drove him easily mad and full of lusts. Haynes is a young actor and has a rigid faceline, and a good actor as well!

7). Russell Crowe as Lucien Wilbanks, defense lawyer for Danny Padgitt also a rival for Harry Rex. Can't wait to see the outstanding atmosphere between Robert Downey Jr and Russell Crowe!

8). Deborah Ann Woll as Rhoda Kasellaw, the victim of Danny Padgitt. She's a beautiful young widow, mother of two little children. She's described as young, pretty redhead and has a nice bodyline and skin. Ann Woll has all of them!

9). Liam Neeson as Ernie Gaddis, prosecution lawyer at the Padgitt trial. He's an old brave and true lawyer, a good man he is. No doubt Neeson can play him best.

10). Jude Law as Hank Hooten, another lawyer at the Padgitt trial, he's an assistant to Gaddis. He is rumoured to have had a relationship with Rhoda Kassellaw before her death. He later goes insane, killing two jurors and Danny Padgitt. Hooten is in his middle aged, quite handsome but depressed. Law is a good cast for him.

11). Bella Thorne as Ginger McClure, Rhoda's sister and attending Padgitt trial as victim's family. A young freshly widow without children. She's as beautiful as her sister, younger, and more spiritful. She's kind of in a relationship with Traynor during the trial. Thorne is a good match!

Nah there it is my list of The last Juror character if it is going to be a movie. haha
Thankyou for reading!


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