[BOOK] Eleanor & Park Review

Hey guys! Just like I said couple weeks ago (ok, well. Months ago), I would like to share a short review about another cutie romance book by Rainbow Rowell, ELEANOR & PARK

This sweet teenager novel which is thinner than FANGIRL (if you mind, you could read my last post reviewing on it), is a simple and easy-to-understand for you guys who still learn English at the state beginner to intermediate. The languages on it, still easier and could you find excessively in many english stories. Bringing adolescence daily life genre, meaning you will read many spoken languages rather than on higher level of literature you’d read on, let’s say, fantasy or biography book. So don’t worry you cannot get whole story, because, YOU WILL.

Okay, let’s talk about the plot. In accordance with its title, ELEANOR & PARK tells a story about a couple of young teenager that are still on their high school life, Eleanor and Park. The setting of the story was in Nebraska, in 70’s age, when all of your memories (or your parents’ maybe yeah haha) were still so far away from hitech gadget but classical things.

So, here you go!

Park was a good-boy-your-mom-will-like-type. He’s all dashing and impressive a young teenager could be. He did sports and martial arts, music, and even in classes, he’s oftenly get his honor classes. He’s a blaster creature, coming from different parents’ culture only made him more attractive. He’s a bit quiet though.

Eleanor was a complicated, but attractive girl. But not as attractive as a beautiful maiden could be. She’s not a beauty. She’s not a cheerful girl also. She’s having unique fashion style. And she’s larger and bigger than common girls. Those were why when she’s first came up to the story, just like a magnet, she got everyone’s attention due to her performance. But she would never ever think about other person’s mind to her.

Eleanor and Park  firstly knew each other on the school bus. Everyday, sat on the same chair, side by side, without any talk at all. Met up as very different lifestyle, they built a bizarre relationship. And finally after day by day getting gossips from their friends and small things that happened between them, Eleanor and Park agreed to grow their feeling more and more blooming. Their strange interests on each other pushed them to fall into an abyss called teenage love. As a true first love.

Then the whole story will tell us their struggle every moments they made their time together, fighting every person who tried to push them off. They already knew, they might be couldn’t make it. They might be putting aside through their tough life. From the start, they already knew it would happen. But they would like to try. They wanted to believe on their attempting efforts could be worth it.

Their journey to stand on their path of togetherness was never easy. Both families and friends responded differently to them. A broken family, messy friends, and sensitive mom, all were coming alternately, shaking their belief. But who knows the end of story? They were still teenagers at their early life. Their way of life were still so long. Could they make it till the end? Or they would put aside by distinct factors? You can finish it by yourself! Because it’s just a review, well, let’s be honest, it’s a trailer, and no ending sentence of story will be here. Enjoy this sweet but deep story of young couple that won’t let you take a break for a while! Haha!

And, as usual, if you have another recommended story, please do tell me and sharing with me, or you can critic my review or giving some advices. Thank you for reading!


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